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    My wife & I had been married for 25 years, the past few years the sex had gotten to be very rare & routine. I kept leaving her notes, trying to revive the fire that once burned in our sex life. Nothing worked, so I finally left her a note telling her of my frustration & that I would not leave her any such notes again. You can only imagine the Hell that broke loose when she came home from work and read this note. It was a scene that I had not imagined, but it did break the ice. The next day she brought up the note and we began to discuss how bad it had gotten over the past several years. She vowed to make a sincere effort this time to try and bring back the flame we once had. On the following Friday night, my wife informed me that we would be going to dinner with one of her friends and her husband the following night. I really did not want to do this as I didn't know them that well & I knew that I would be bored out of my mind. On Saturday night, we met at a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. Cathi, my wife, and Donna greeted each other with excitement. Roger & I said our hellos and we all went to a table for dinner & small talk. I should have known something was going to be different on this evening as Cathi had a mixed drink before dinner. She almost never had any alcohol at all, let alone a mixed drink. Cathi and Donna had several drinks throughout dinner while Roger had a beer & I had my standard iced tea. I could see that Cathi & Donna were beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol, & their conversation showed it. Their conversation soon turned to sex and they discussed things that Cathi rarely discussed with me, let alone with somebody else over dinner! When we completed dinner, Donna suggested we come by their house to continue the discussion. When we arrived at Donna & Roger's house we found that Donna had already changed into a more comfortable outfit, a tank top & shorts. Donna has smaller tits than Cathi, but it was obvious that she had much larger nipples. As they continued to discuss their sexual situations over glasses of wine, the two women began to share things that I couldn't believe. Donna & Roger had apparently been at the same point we were and had become swingers. They readily admitted that for them it was the best thing that they could have done for their marriage. Donna informed us that it got some fun & variety in their sex life, and it kept them from sneaking behing each other's back for sex. Cathi said that there was no way that she could do that. Donna informed her that she had once thought the same thing and suggested that Cathi kiss Roger to see how it felt to kiss another man. Cathi looked at me & I just winked at her and said, "Do what you want." She then moved over to Roger and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Roger put his arm around her and held her tight. They then kissed again, Roger sliding one hand down to Cathi's but and slipping his tongue into her mouth. Cathi began to moan, with that Donna moved over to me and gave me the most passionate kiss I had been given in a very long time. I put an arm around her and slid one hand under her tank top and began to squeeze her large nipples. Cathi was now laying on the couch with Roger's head buried between her legs. I had Donna's tank top off of her by now and was working over her big nipples. Donna unbuttoned my shirt and slid my pants off, she then moved down to give me the blow job of my life. Cathi had meanwhile removed her clothes and was taking Roger from behind. Donna slid down under Cathi and began to suck on her nipples. While Donna sucked on Cathi's nipples, I buried my cock into her and watched Roger continue to fuck Cathi from behind. Within a few minutes both women were moaning loudly and Roger & I both came, covering each other's wife with cum. We spent the night with Donna & Roger, I was in the guest room with Donna while Cathi spent the night with Roger in the master bedroom. We tried many different things that night, both together & in seperate rooms. It was a night we will never forget and plan to repeat many more times now.

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